About The Trainer- Claire Russo

A busy mum of 3;  personal trainer; boxing fitness trainer; wife; friend; Manager of Butterfly Fitness Protein; Butterfly Fitness Studio in Balwyn North; luxury retreat and event space Butterfly Red Hill ; Spartan Warrior; Miss Spartan Coach and peanut butter addict.

Finding fitness after becoming a mother is hard work, as any parent can attest to.  Finding fitness after illness and surgery? Sometimes it feels almost impossible to know where to start and how to find a way back to feeling strong, healthy and whole again. 

That's why I started Butterfly Fitness; to help other people on their path to fitness, health and happiness. 

Finding a love of strength and fitness helped me to recover from multiple surgeries and radiation treatment after a Thyroid Cancer diagnosis back in 2012.  A combination of boxing; kettlebells and strength training has led me to a passion for functional fitness, and finding fun, yet effective ways to help people fall in love with mobility, movement and strength; all in a private and nurturing environment away from big crowds of sweaty, grunty selfies at the gym or countless other cliched fitness scenarios that can be intimidating and off putting.